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Poynt Confirms ‘Pairing’ is to Work for the BlackBerry Playbook

May 5th, 2011

Poynt Have you ever imagined the day when you can search and view results on the PlayBook while still using your BlackBerry, as well as calling businesses, adding addresses to the address book, mapping directions and add events to the calendar on your BlackBerry smartphone?

This idea has been realized according to Poynt’s announcement that a new update for their BlackBerry App has been released. The new version enables users to pair their BlackBerry smartphones to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Thus users can fully enjoy the convenience of viewing listings on the PlayBook while using the BlackBerry smartphone to interact with the search results, such as businesses, people, movies, events, restaurants, gas prices and weather information in their local area without leaving the App..

Simply by selecting the ‘Pair with PlayBook’ tab in Poynt on their PlayBook and entering their BlackBerry PIN#, users can successfully pair their BlackBerry smartphone with the BlackBerry PlayBook. A security code will then be given to enter under a ‘Pair with PlayBook’ menu item on their BlackBerry smartphones. Once the devices have been paired, they will remain paired until the users opt to un-pair them and users can search Poynt by using the enhanced PlayBook interface to call businesses and add listings to their existing contacts.

For more info or to download Poynt App, head over to BlackBerry App World

Poynt – Free convenient and timesaving application

October 5th, 2009

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Poynt is a free, convenient and timesaving application that connects consumers to people, local businesses and theaters. Consumers enter search terms to find businesses and movies near them, get phone and address information, access movie reviews and trailers, and purchase movie tickets. Users can search using GPS or cell-site locates as well as by manually entering an address. Users can also look up friends, relatives or colleagues near them, then find local businesses and movies nearby.
Poynt seamlessly integrates with BlackBerry® Email, BlackBerry® Address Book and BlackBerry® Calendar to allow users to share search results, save contact information, and set reminders or invite friends to a night out at the movies.

  • Intuitive interface and GPS compatibility provides quick & convenient all-in-one access to business listings, movie information and mapping / directions;
  • Save time and money by locating businesses near location, plan route for multiple stops; Eliminate 411 directory fees;
  • Minimize frustration – Easily find and contact businesses using built-in click-to-call, click-to-browse and click-to-map features, regardless of where you are;
  • Minimize confusion – Share listing info with friends and colleagues to confirm meeting location;
  • Voice Navigation System Integration – in addition to mapping through BlackBerry® Maps and Google Maps, Poynt users with access to Voice Navigation Services Gokivo, VZ Navigator and Telus Navigator can select those services as their preferred navigation solution to map route within Poynt, allowing you to take advantage of audible turn-by-turn directions and auto-rerouting.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Blackberry OS version 4.2.1

Free Poynt in BB Makes Life Easier

September 22nd, 2009

Use Poynt to find people, businesses, movie theatres, retailers and restaurants near you. Poynt uses GPS or cell-site locations to pinpoint you and quickly deliver the information you need whenever and wherever you need it. 

- Find phone numbers and connect with one click, browse websites and map directions
- Plan a night out – book movie tickets and dinner reservations, add it to your calendar and invite your friends
- Add listings to your BlackBerry® Address Book, add movie and restaurant events to your BlackBerry® Calendar, share listings using BlackBerry® Messages
- Poynt is free and available in Canada, the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom

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Poynt won the 2008 BlackBerry Developers Challenge Grand Prize and was recognized as the Most Innovative Consumer Application in GSMA s Mobile Innovation Grand Prix, EMEA Tournament.

Try it, and enjoy the woderful experience with the free application- Poynt!

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