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7digital Music Store and the BlackBerry Podcasts App Demo on BlackBerry PlayBook

March 9th, 2011

RIM has posted up a great video to show us 2 specific BlackBerry Media Apps – 7digital Music Store and the BlackBerry Podcasts App that will come with the BlackBerry PlayBook. In the above video, BlackBerry PlayBook Product Manager Ryan Bidan provided us with some key features about each application:

7digital Music Store:

  • 7digital Music Store offers over 13 million songs, and tracks are available at prices starting as low as $0.79 with bitrates up to 320 kbps (DRM free).
  • 7digital Music Store content is stored in the cloud via a digital music locker for easy portability across devices and to help against accidental loss.
  • 7digital Music Store includes a recommendation engine that features content based upon recent browsing and purchase activity.

BlackBerry Podcasts App:

  • The BlackBerry Podcasts app for the BlackBerry PlayBook includes 19 content categories, ranging from sports to entertainment to business, including popular content such as the New Yorker and Ask A Ninja podcasts.
  • BlackBerry Podcasts allow users to preview an episode before downloading or subscribing to it, and it automatically downloads new podcasts for subscribed channels.

For more information, visit Inside BlackBerry.

CES 2011: Q&A with BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Product Manager (Video)

January 11th, 2011


In above video from CES 2011 posted by Inside BlackBerry Team, the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Product Manager Ryan Bidan talked about his CES experience and answered some frequently asked questions about the BlackBerry PlayBook, such as: “whether a BlackBerry smartphone is needed to use the BlackBerry PlayBook? What’s BlackBerry Bridge? Are there any native PlayBook Apps at launch then (such as: BlackBerry App World, Mail and Calendar)?”

What are you caring about the BlackBerry PlayBook? Enjoy the video to get the necessary information!