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10-Inch BlackBerry PlayBook is to Make Its Debut?

May 5th, 2011

Poynt Playbook with a larger screen size has been dreamed by many users for a few days. Accordingly to BGR guys, it seems that RIM has been working hard on it. As BlackBerry World 2011 coming to the end, there are some news to be announced after the conference, one of which indicated that RIM is planning to release its follow-up to the BlackBerry PlayBook in the fall time this year.

This new version of BlackBerry PlayBook, has a prompt feature – its 10-inch screen which will definitely satisfy users’ demand for a bigger screen than the 7-inch one does. Along with the bigger size, an update OS (may be OS 7) that includes an email client, BBM and more that could really hit the sweet spot is also to be launched.

Some analysts suggest that RIM wants to play in both segments of the tablet market, and the new version of PlayBook (“PlayBook 2”) could probably be thought of as an additional PlayBook model as opposed to the second-generation tablet.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager Updated to Version

April 29th, 2011

Desktop Manager RIM has officially released the upgraded version for the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. It’s said BlackBerry Desktop Manager v6.0.2.44 provides full support for the BlackBerry PlayBook. If you have owned a PlayBook and ever suffered issues with PlayBook connectivity to the Desktop Manager, now you can update to the latest version and try the updated one, it would work better for you.

Video: First BlackBerry PlayBook Commercial Finally Hits The Air!

April 26th, 2011

Finally, we saw a BlackBerry PlayBook commercial hitting the air after it launched for a week. It seems that this 30-Second commercial is the first advertisement of the device, it does show us much of the BlackBerry PlayBook’s portability and power. It looks pretty good, and is worth of watching for anyone that wants to buy a PlayBook Tablet. Enjoy it!

RIM Posted FAQs on Application Players for BlackBerry Java-based and Android Apps

April 25th, 2011

PlayBook_1 Since RIM has announced some upcoming opportunities for the 3rd Party Developers to bring their applications to the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet, a lot of questions have been raised on application players. Here are RIM’s answers to some of the questions:

1. What was announced?
Research In Motion® Limited (RIM®) has announced that it will expand the platforms supported by the BlackBerry Tablet OS by adding two new application players for BlackBerry Java-based and Android apps. This will enable developers to leverage existing assets by allowing supported applications to be easily ported over to the BlackBerry Tablet OS via ‘application players’. RIM has also reinforced its commitment to provide the developer community with a powerful set of tools for native application development on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

2. What is the timing or availability?
The application player for Android apps will be available sometime this summer, followed later in the year by the application player for BlackBerry Java-based apps. The BlackBerry Tablet OS Native SDK will enter into beta this summer. More details will be shared at BlackBerry World™ in May.

3. What are “application players”?
The application players are run-time environments that, once installed on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, allow supported BlackBerry Java-based and Android platform apps to be downloaded and run on the tablet. The players allow end users to run supported apps provided that those supported apps have been submitted and approved through the BlackBerry App World™ storefront.

4. How will users get the apps?
The application players, as well as the supported BlackBerry Java-based and Android apps, will only be available from BlackBerry App World on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

5. Will the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet support the Android Marketplace?
No. Android applications supported by the BlackBerry Tablet OS can only be downloaded from BlackBerry App World. The application player for Android apps can only run supported Android applications that have been signed and submitted to BlackBerry App World.

6. Does the Android application player support Android apps that use native libraries?
The application player will not support any Android applications that use native libraries.

7. What version(s) of the Android apps does the Android application player support?
The application player for Android apps will support Android 2.3 apps at launch and we intend to update the player based on market needs.

8. What version(s) of BlackBerry Java-based apps does the BlackBerry Java-based application player support?
The application player for BlackBerry Java-based apps will allow developers to take their existing assets from BlackBerry 5.0 and BlackBerry 6 development and leverage them in the new player.

9. What do I have to do to port my BlackBerry Java-based and Android apps?
BlackBerry and Android developers of supported applications will be required to re-package and code sign those apps and can then submit them to BlackBerry App World. In some cases developers will have to recompile their apps.

10. Will the performance of my app suffer because it’s running inside a player?
We do not anticipate any performance issues from applications running on the application players.

11. Should I stop my current BlackBerry PlayBook development and wait until this is ready?
Developers should continue building with the existing BlackBerry PlayBook development options, including BlackBerry® WebWorks™ and Adobe® Flash® and Adobe® AIR® BlackBerry Tablet SDKs to take advantage of the richest set of APIs, background processing capabilities, and extended services via the BlackBerry tools.

12. What is the BlackBerry Tablet OS Native SDK? What does it allow?
The BlackBerry Tablet OS Native SDK will allow developers to build high-performance, multi-threaded, native C/C++ applications with industry standard GNU toolchains. The BlackBerry Tablet OS Native SDK also allows developers to:

  • Create advanced 2D and 3D applications and special effects by leveraging programmable shaders available in hardware-accelerated OpenGL ES 2.0
  • Take advantage of the QNX POSIX library support and C/C++ compliance for quick and easy porting of applications built in POSIX-based environments
  • Integrate device events like gesture swipes and touch screen inputs
  • Integrate the BlackBerry Tablet OS environment into existing code management and build systems using industry standard Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tools)
  • Leverage work done in standard C/C++ to make it easier to bring applications to the BlackBerry Tablet OS
  • Find and fix bugs quickly with provided debug and analysis tools

For more info, visit Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog.

RIM Asks FCC To Keep PlayBook Details Confidential Until Launch

March 31st, 2011


As the launch date of BlackBerry PlayBook drawing closer, we become much more curious about PlayBook’s details. However, RIM just asked FCC to hold BlackBerry PlayBook information until the launch date. Therefore, we only can see some internal & external photos, test setup photos, as well as the user manual of the BlackBerry PlayBook until April 19th. And I just wonder whether RIM can release the PlayBook tablet as scheduled? What do you think?

BlackBerry PlayBook Now Available for Pre-Orders at Best Buy, Future Shop Stores and Staples!

March 23rd, 2011

BlackBerryPlayBook Great News! RIM finally announced the BlackBerry PlayBook’s pricing, launch date as well as the stores for placing pre-orders. The PlayBook will be available in Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile, Best Buy Canada, Future Shop stores and Staples April 19th in the following models and prices:

  • 16GB Wi-Fi, $499
  • 32GB Wi-Fi, $599
  • 64GB Wi-Fi, $699

With this retail strategy, the BlackBerry PlayBook is expected to be available in over 20,000 retail outlets in the US and Canada. The WiFi version will be available in three models and will feature a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starting at $499 in the United States and Canada. The lineup of retailers and wireless carriers currently expected to carry the BlackBerry PlayBook in the United States and Canada includes the following companies:

United States

    • AT&T
    • Best Buy
    • Cbeyond
    • Cellular South
    • Cincinnati Bell
    • Office Depot
    • RadioShack
    • Staples
    • Sprint
    • Verizon Wireless
    • BlackBerry from Wireless Giant


    • Bell
    • Best Buy
    • Chapters / Indigo
    • Costco
    • Future Shop
    • Mobilicity
    • MTS Allstream
    • Rogers
    • Sasktel
    • Sears
    • Staples
    • Telus
    • Tbooth Wireless
    • The Source
    • Videotron
    • Walmart
    • WIND Mobile
    • WIRELESS etc.