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Vlingo Virtual Assistant App for BlackBerry Smartphones

January 24th, 2011

Vlingo for BlackBerry is a Voice App that can turn our words into action. Vlingo Virtual Assistant combines fast, accurate voice recognition technology with our Intent Engine so that we can quickly and easily get things done when we’re on the go. It is really an advanced and cool App for BlackBerry users. And now, it has been updated with full support for Spanish, French, German and Italian languages.

With Vlingo, we can do the following actions by voice:

  • Send a text or email message to other Vlingo for BlackBerry users
  • Search the web using Google or Yahoo!
  • Call a contact
  • Update our Facebook or Twitter status
  • Dictate text into any text box with Vlingo Everywhere including: BBM, AIM, Yahoo, Windows Live
  • Launch virtually any application: “open calendar”
  • Receive the incoming email and text messages aloud via SafeReader
  • Have the calendar reminders aloud via SafeReader

Form above video posted by Vlingo team, we can see the future of Vlingo. It would be great to use voice command on our BlackBerry to deal with more and more daily work!

Download the Free Version of Vlingo Virtual Assistant from BlackBerry App World